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"When I am Silent" Inspired by the music and lyrics written by Joan  Varner. Prints £30 inc. postage in the UK

Annie Eagle Artist

In 2016 I set myself the challenge of finding the beauty in the contemporary aspects of my home town of Basingstoke and I have thoroughly enjoyed it and will continue to do so. It was a departure from my usual style and I have found it both exciting and inspirational. I love the tall buildings which have the most amazing reflections in their windows and the unexpected shapes, angles and colours in these exciting new structures. Recently I have been unexpectedly evolving a new style inspired by the music and words of a song we have been learning at our choir, "When I am Silent" You can see the image above. For information about this song please visit the Basingstoke and other work gallery.

I am now fortunate to spend much of my time in Cornwall and the drama of the Cornish coast and landscape has breathed a fresh perspective into my life and into my art.  Spending as much time as possible out on the beaches, headlands and moors with two local artists Margaret and Pam is always fun. Do visit Margaret's website. 

I am spellbound by the ever changing moods of the sea and sky and I try to capture that emotional response to the wild beauty of South West Cornwall in every season, time of day and weather. In the far distance in many of my paintings you might see my husband and Chester the dog who love the beaches as much as I do.