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Currently original paintings, prints and cards can be purchased through this website, and from Sandy Stores, Praa Sands in Cornwall. 
Original paintings and cards can also be purchased at The Albatross gallery in Porthleven, Cornwall.

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Acrylic &collage on board

51cm x 40cm


"Carn Brea Castle"
Near Redruth, Cornwall.
Mixed media: Acrylic, ink and charcoal
100cm x 40 cm Deep Canvas unframed.


"Escape to the Country"
This glorious yellow field of Oilseed Rape was photographed from the car window on the first trip out we took during the lockdown to buy some meat at the farm shop.
Acrylic on board. 45cm x 20cm Unframed

A wild day on the Cornish Coast
Acrylic on board 60cm x 51cm    £135

A touch of gold
Collage and acrylic on canvas
30cm x 30cm
£ 55

Walls glorious walls!

For many years now I have collected photographs of walls building up a huge portfolio. I am fascinated by the shapes and the colours of the stones and bricks, and the way time has aged them, the stories they could tell and  their purpose and meaning for communities, wildlife and plant species that rely on them.
 Textures and patterns are one of my passions and I have several huge boxes of things squirrelled away just in case they might be useful one day.  Below are some examples of wall inspired work. 

Time suspended
Cliff face at Porth Navwen

Acrylic on canvas   32cm x 32cm   £55

The wall...
can provide shelter and protection. They keep us in and out. Sometimes they are real and sometimes imaginary.
Acrylic and collage  30cm x 30cm Unframed £35

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