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Viral soup

Having looked forward to celebrating the new year in Cornwall and all the exciting challenges that 2019 might bring, January started with a nasty virus rather than the excitement of celebratory fireworks!

After what seemed like months in this viral soup, gradual return to the world began after 6 weeks of the usual side effects of viruses. No painting had taken place along with anything else other than essential activities.

Happily all this was to change with a visit from Margaret and Pam , my artist friends from Cornwall. A weekend of visiting exhibitions of work by Van Gogh, Bonnard and Ruskin was just the therapy I needed and I came back with 2 challenges!

It seems that anyone who is anyone in the art world has painted their self portrait several times so this was my first challenge.

Never having painted a portrait before this was a daunting task

Secondly everyone has to try and paint sunflowers once in their lives so currently that is now emerging on a canvas in the studio, equally as daunting as I hardly ever paint flowers.

Margaret and me waiting for the river bus from the Tate Britain to the Tate Modern
Van Gogh, Sunflowers and friends Viv, Pam and Margaret

Not to be outdone in the meantime on our short visit to Cornwall in February Chester was doing his own research into possible subjects for a good painting.

Finally a quote I read at the Ruskin exhibition has been on my mind. Its a good one to remember.

"Never, if you can help it, miss seeing the sunset and the dawn. And never, if you can help it , see anything but dreams between them " ( The Laws of Fesole)

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