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Dipping a toe in.

With a pint in hand, reliving at last the distant memory of the inside of The Sandbar we chat about the days ahead here in Cornwall. My mission is to make mental notes, do a few sketches and take some back up photos from which new paintings can evolve and grow. By the end of the week the high rise hedgerows bejewelled with Red Campion, Foxgloves, buttercups and bluebells, the turquoise ocean, the dizzying heights of the Minack theatre, the spray splashed rocks, rolling waves and endless skies have weaved their magic and I have more that I could ever need.

Magical Cornish hedgerows and the mesmerising view fromthe near vertical auditorium of the Minack Theatre.

Luck would have it that our lovely new village convenience store (Sandy Stores) is looking for local artists to display their work and so a new opportunity is born. Having had no exhibitions since the world changed in March 2020 this is an exciting development and brings with it a feeling of hope that new doors are opening as the world slowly opens up again.

All this combined with indulging in my favourite pastime of paddling when ever possible and being brave enough to wear shorts for the first time this year has added up to a joyful week despite the occasional rain storm!

Now to set out on some Basingstoke adventures. Lots of joy to be found there as well!

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