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Springing into action. May 2021

As we slowly emerge from lockdown into a new age and Winter merges into Spring, for me it feels like a long period of hibernation is coming to an end. Life seems to be getting busier and the garden is changing and growing daily, bringing a fresh new start with every new bud.

Those of us with an interest in something that drives us and fills up the hours and those of us who have a garden to tend have been more fortunate through these strange times than many I think. Lives have changed and for me much of my art work has changed too. It has been an exciting time as I have experimented with some more abstract pieces and included collage into much of my work. This has been great fun. Fuelled by the lack of exhibitions to prepare for I have been able to give my imagination more of a free range and just see where it takes me. You can see the some of the results of this on the HOME page. Please let me know what you think.

Along with two Cornish and one local artist friends I have undertaken many creative challenges decided upon at Sunday Zoom meetings and shared and discussed the following weekend. These challenges have included non dominant hand drawing and Blind drawing where your eyes must remain on the subject and you can't look down at what you are drawing until it's finished! This led to much laughter and strange outcomes. my painting "The Photographer" on the home page has a blind drawing of Twiggy from 1966.

We have drawn pictures whilst listening to each other read out poetry. We have painted listening to music and painted pictures on the themes of travel, work, Spring and many more. This weeks theme is rain which I have yet to begin although there has been plenty of rain I am still awaiting inspiration.

Zoom has kept us connected and provided a focus each week which spurred us on.

It will be interesting to see how things develop as we spring into action and get out and about a bit more. Watch this space!

Below: 1. Painting to music. Viva La Vida. 2. Collage of favourite Cornish memories.

3. Graffiti inspired acrylic and collage.

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