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On the cliff edge!

Perched on the edge in pursuit of the best view. Margaret and Chester.

Gwithian beach overlooking Godrevey lighthouse. A stunning Autumn day with a fresh breeze, lots of sunshine and miles of golden beach at our feet. We set up camp in a grassy dell to get out of the wind a little. Chester was watching all the dogs racing around with joy down below and clearly was less than impressed at having to wait for his turn.

With a sudden gust the wind took my palette of paint up and over the edge depositing it on a ledge about a metre down. One look told me it could stay there despite the promise to myself to wage war on beach plastic, however Margaret had other ideas and swooped on it! "it's fine if you lie down" she said. Visit Margaret's website from

Stay away from this bag. My lunch is in it!

the link on my home page.

I have learnt much from Margaret who paints outdoors whenever the opportunity arises. I am still learning and next time I will choose a more substantial palette for my paint. I had a great time trying out my new art bag though. Marketed as a gardener's bag it does the job. Just need to learn how to balance on it on a steep slope. In the meantime Chester is a great guard dog if any other dogs come near and try to steal it!

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