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On a knife edge!

Looking like a patchwork quilt Chester takes to his favourite chair.

Well, we have gone from the cliff edge to the knife edge since our return from Cornwall! I have been confined to the studio trying to work on finishing some paintings that have been on the go for a while awaiting some renewed energy. Also planning to start some new work following our recent invigorating time on the cliffs and beaches of the Cornish coast. Chester however has been traumatised on his return by a trip to the vet for the removal of several lumps and a tooth. Fortunately all was well and no cause for concern but it was several days before he was feeling himself again. I ask myself if it's best to be a dog and not know what is going to happen then there is no worry to be done or is it best to have the lovely feeling of anticipation of nice things on the horizon as we do and dogs don't have. I am still unsure but at least Chester had a lovely holiday not knowing what his fate was to be on his return.

So we were both lying low for a while.

Chester is feeling sorry for himself!

Trying hard to acclimatise myself with the studio again much time has been spent employing avoidance tactics such as tidying and cleaning up, sorting brushes and making lists. This is my usual way to get things started until suddenly we are off and work begins on several canvases at once. Some are small and emerge quickly. Others are frustratingly difficult and seem to be going nowhere fast. Despite the background soundtrack of my current favourite music another cup of tea is needed and maybe some more tidying up, and a quick cuddle with Chester of course!

Where to start? How long can I keep avoiding picking up a brush!

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