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Making an exhibition of ourselves

Look at me!

Life has been hectic here in Basingstoke. We have swapped the delights of beautiful Cornwall for the delights of living in the fast lane. It's times like this that I would like a studio extension but I daren't suggest it to my husband who has already converted most of the loft into the perfect artist's retreat. Chester has requested a dog lift so he can come up with me and snooze on the day bed while I paint but he's had no luck yet.

Hoping for acceptance of paintings in 3 exhibitions at once has been stressful to say the least. The first challenge is deciding which paintings to send where. Days of indecision and tea drinking ensued. There is a lot to think about! What might tempt someone who lives by the sea to buy a painting? Would they be drawn to another seascape or be hankering for the countryside? It's all very subjective of course and in the end too much thinking isn't the answer. There is no answer.

Once decisions are made there are labels to write and frames to make, cue long suffering husband again! Instructions for each exhibition are different and proving to be confusing. I should really concentrate on one at a time then I might get it right.

Let's get wet! Children enjoying the water fountains in the park

Then there are the forms to fill in.

Chester is no help at all. I can hear him digging a nest in the bed in the room under the ladders.

Eventually all is packaged up in bubble wrap and in a bag ready to go.

More tea, some beautiful songs from Emily Maguire and a little bit of painting is very therapeutic.

Finally the allotted days arrive for delivery of paintings to the exhibition . Thanks to my two lovely friends Margaret and Pam in Cornwall my paintings for St Ives were delivered in my absence. Thanks again to my husband and his skills with the Sat Nav we make it to Christchurch on Wednesday and Bursledon on Thursday at the right place and the right time. We vow to revisit Christchurch again on a less wet and windy day.

Now thoughts turn to my own exhibition with dear friend Viv here in Basingstoke. No worries about will my work be accepted! No worries about finding the venue! No entry fee to pay or commission to relinquish! Phew! Roll on Christmas.

Chester enjoys a roll in the frost. I think I might join him!

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