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It's a blog but not as we know it!

I can't believe that its 8 months since I last added to my blog! How did that happen? I will have to try harder to get used to the idea and remember to write something more frequently. The world has certainly changed since September 2019 when I last tried to write here. I don't need to tell you that as we have all been in the same situation recently. However everyone has had a unique experience over the last months despite the common threat to our usual way of life. From our perspective being retired the lockdown life hasn't been as traumatic as it has been for some. Missing family and friends and trips to Cornwall has been very hard but thanks to zoom technology etc we have shared time and laughter. I have found the time and space for myself to spend much more time in the studio which has been opportunity for lots of paintings that I had stored in my head to emerge onto canvas and many other unexpected ideas too.

However we are very sad that on 8th April we had to say goodbye to Chester who had been our friend for nearly 10 years.

Having suffered cancer of the tongue and two rounds of chemotherapy Chester was in too much discomfort for us to allow him to battle on. He did have 8 months of extra good quality life with us on the beaches and out walking with his friends here in Basingstoke thanks to the expertise of the specialist vet and some excellent pet insurance. Losing Chester has had a profound effect on us and our lives. We have not yet had a visit to Cornwall without him which will be difficult but we have lots of happy memories but sitting on the cliff tops painting, paddling in the sea and writing this blog will not be the same without Chester the artist's dog.

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