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First foray into the world of blogs!

Updated: Oct 11, 2018

An amazing couple of days out and about on the beaches here in Cornwall. Feeling inspired for the first time to try to create a blog by the sheer beauty of it all. Oblivious to my artistic intent Chester heads off to revel in the edges of the water and the rockpools and smelliest seaweed he can find. Bringing half the beach home he kindly shares it with us stretched out on the bed so we can feel truly immersed in the world of the sea and sand of this beautiful place.

Artist's assistant searching out inspiration.

In two days time I will be back in the studio armed with far more inspiration in the form of photos, sketches and notes than I can hope to use. Chester will be asleep at the bottom of the studio ladder being unable to climb to the lofty heights of the converted attic to join me. He is dreaming of our next beach visit. Don't worry Chester, it's OK, only 2 weeks to wait and we are off again.

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