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Double Agent!

This is cosy! No ladders to climb, a comfy carpet to curl up on, attention from someone whenever I want it, what more could an artist's dog want?

Chester has got fed up with waiting for his lift into the studio at home so he has been taking every opportunity to take up residence in another artist's studio, that of my daughter Sara.

Not much has been happening in the home studio. A good deal of tidying but not much of anything else since before Christmas. These last few days have seen some action but not enough to impress Chester even though one of my latest paintings celebrates his love hate relationship with Daisy dog. A Rose Wyley inspired expression of two spaniels on the sofa.

"he loves me he loves me not, grr grr"

Chester and I had the pleasure of seeing an exhibition of work by artist Rose Wyley in the Newlyn Art Gallery which is amazing in itself as dogs are not usually allowed in such places! He was less than impressed by it.

Is there anything to eat around here?

So herein lies the birth of double agent Chester who much prefers his time in Sara's studio. He has frequently appeared in her illustrations over the years so is a bit of an unknown celebrity. To see Sara's work visit her website

and see if you can spot Chester. He is the one pretending not to be a traitor.

Has anyone got any ideas for how to make a dog lift?

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