Many of my paintings are created using mixed media. Mixed media paintings include the use of a variety of ingredients. These can be oil, water colour or acrylic, paints, inks, pastels and pencils etc. Often items from the local environment can be included such as sand, sticks and leaves. 

All prices include postage to destinations in theUK

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"When I am Silent"

In the Autumn of 1994 Joan Varner spent a day at the site of the Nazi Concentration camp in Auschwitz. Haunted by the photographs of the young people who died there, especially that of one beautiful young girl whose future had been taken from her, she wrote the lyrics and music for “When I am Silent.”

The tragic beauty of this piece of music swirled around in my head, often in the early hours of the morning and gradually an idea for a painting evolved.


Mixed media.   Unframed Canvas  100cm x 30cm SOLD

Boz's Fruit and veg stall from Poppins Cafe Basingstoke.


Our favourite place every Wednesday morning. Missing it now during lockdown!



"Let's Get Wet!"

Eastrop Park Basingstoke

Endless fun in the water fountains

Fields of gold. Basingstoke On the way to the farm shop during lockdown. April 2020

Acrylic £ 55

"Beware the Roots"

Ink and watercolour


The Wall.

A pair of little water colour and ink paintings of old stone walls.


"Early Morning sunshine"

Eastrop Park Basingstoke.


Mixed Media


"Red Kite over Basingstoke"

SOLD  prints available

"Basingstoke Spires"

An unusual view of the Basingstoke skyline with a myriad of white spires reaching for the sky.

Mixed media


"Red thorns"

Mixed media on board framed


The Anvil Basingstoke

Mixed media


"Through the new to the old"

Triumphal Gateway and Alms Houses Basingstoke

Mixed Media

£125  Prints available 

"Purdy in the Snow"



Mixed media on board.

36cm*41cm  framed


"The Bandstand" Memorial Park Basingstoke

Autumn approaches and the leaves have nearly gone revealing the old bandstand in all it's glory. 

43 cm x 43cm


Mixed media